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The RHizome2 team is led by Bob Coates & Raj Sharma who together have more than forty-seven years of experience in the Marine and Energy industries, with an expert level of knowledge in mechanical design & piping as well as system integration.

Key Personnel

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Raj Sharma

Managing Director

Raj Sharma is a qualified Marine Engineer. He studied Marine Engineering in India and then completed BSc Honours Degree in Marine Technology from the United Kingdom. He has more than 12 years post-graduate experience in the marine Industry and offshore, within piping & mechanical discipline. He has been discipline leads in past employments and has many years of project engineering & package management experience.

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Bob Coates

Technical Director

Bob Coates started his career serving an apprenticeship as a ship’s draughtsman in the design office of a Lowestoft shipyard. He subsequently gained Honours Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and in English Law as a mature student. In recent years, he has been a board member of well-known and established engineering companies in the marine industry.

He has a vast range of experience in; Project Management, Project Engineering, Piping & Mechanical Design and Packaged Equipment Design & Construction. For RHizome2 Bob and the team are using their wealth of experience to design an innovative modular packaged hydrogen generation, compression, storage and delivery system

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Adrien Emerich

Project Engineer

Adrien Emerich started his career at RHizome2. He completed his Master’s Degree in General Engineering at ECAM Lyon, France and subsequently completed a First Class MSc Honours Degree in Advanced Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leicester. He is always keen and enthusiastic to work on new projects and ensure satisfactory completions. He aims to grow with the company, and work on multidisciplinary projects in the UK and abroad.

Other team members within RHizome2 are experienced engineers with a multi-national background. All team members have individually between ten and thirty years’ experience in their particular discipline. Their particular fortes include; pipe stress analysis (static & dynamic), process, pipeline engineering (onshore & offshore), naval architecture, structural, mechanical, electrical & instrumentation, safety and equipment specification & procurement.

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