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About us

RHizome2 is a specialist system integrator, with expertise in green hydrogen production, compression, storage & delivery systems. Hydrogen is produced via electrolysis using renewable electricity.


The team of RHizome2 engineers and consultants have many decades of experience in process skid designs, integration, testing, and commissioning.


The high capacity of hydrogen production and handling is achieved with a small footprint and lower than average electrical power requirement, making our system highly competitive. Designs are suitable for scale-up or scale-down to ensure the flexibility to meet our client’s requirements.


Our modular designs ensure to achieve the right project application. 


Our company understands the transition in the energy industry and environmental efforts. We are committed to supporting in building the infrastructure to achieve #NetZero2050 Targets. RHizome2 has put all its energy and resources into developing innovative designs to contribute to a greener future.



Quality Assurance

RHizome2 is certified to ISO 9001:2015. Procedures and processes are available in the Quality Management System to meet the requirements of various clauses of ISO 9001:2015. RHizome2 is committed to quality assurance and carries out regular internal and external audits.


Meaning of Rhizome

Meaning of Rhizome
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